Luck vs. Opportunities

I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you're prepared for it. - Denzel Washington

Luck vs. Opportunities

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The MindTech Institute Australia 

Do you consider yourself lucky? If the answer is “yes” it means you really are lucky for ending up here reading this page, and if the answer is “no” most likely you won’t be here or you won’t read this whole article and you’ll just move on to do something else.

Certainly luck exists, maybe not in the form of coincidental chances but in the form of awareness. Usually people who consider themselves lucky are leaders and achievers. A lucky person is usually an open minded person when it comes to opportunities and he/she notices them regardless the significance of the opportunities. On the other hand, people who consider themselves unlucky they usually are unable to see the opportunities and that will cause them to miss out on the opportunities even if they are right in front of them because they are focusing on looking for something specific. For example, a person considers himself unlucky goes to the market looking for one item in particular, all his focus will be on that particular item which will cause him to miss too many other things could even have a better value than what he was looking for. While a lucky person is more relaxed and open minded, always has one eye on what he’s seeking and the other eye on other opportunities even the potential ones.

Luck is not something you wait for, it’s something you make! Opportunities are all around you, all you need is just to see them, identify them and act quickly.

Things will help you to enhance your awareness to be luckier (to see more opportunities);

  • You need to stop the unhealthy criticism. Don’t waste your time on criticizing things and waste your time/energy on criticism which will cause you to miss out on many different opportunities that could be right before your eyes but you’re unable to see them because you’re busy criticizing or looking for something specific. For example, you go to a party and spend the whole time criticizing the food, people, music etc., the result is you’ve missed out on the whole party and meeting new people. One of those new people might have had a better opportunity for you, but surely you missed out because you were too busy criticizing or looking for a specific thing.
  • You need to go further in life and you have to learn how to take risks; don’t be afraid to try new things. Try different things and if what you do isn’t working that means you better change the way you do it.
  • You need to learn to foresee the opportunities; it’s not winning the lotto because you might have to wait for the rest of your life and maybe another ten more lives! It’s about changing your outlook on things, especially looking outside your comfort-zone. Everything comes with time and experience, such as a real-estate agent knows when the good time to buy and sell properties, the agent studied the market along with other studies to enable him/her to minimize on making mistakes (bad luck)
  • Be an alchemist, of course not in the form of transforming led into gold but metaphorically. You need to learn how to transform negative into positive or (someone’s loss into your gain), that only happens when you have an open mind, open senses and willing to perceive and embrace other opportunities even if they are not what you expected.
  • The only way to create more opportunities is when you share what you have even on a minor level, the more you share the more will return to you. Remember, the opportunities you’re seeing and getting are what other people are sharing with the rest of the world! The word “Luck” is used in the Western World but in the East it’s called “Karma”.

Celebrate your luck, it is very important to celebrate your success with yourself and others, that will help you to believe more in yourself and as you’re lucky (open minded for opportunities) which will lead to point number one on this list. The more you believe in something the more it will manifest in reality.

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