"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

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The Personal Development & Soft Skills category are also available to study online including NLP Training, Life Management Training, Hypnosis Training, Psychology Courses, Leadership Courses and various of other courses to enhance your personal skills and your career.


Studying online is easy now. You just need a computer, tablet or just your smartphone. We provide world class online courses including various of Advanced Diplomas, NLP Training, Hypnosis Training, Life Management Training, Corporate Training and many more.


We provide all the needed training for your business and employees including Advanced Sales Training, Sustainable Vocational Management Training©, Customer Service, Handling customers, Time Management and many other training leading for a greater outcome for your business.

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Personal & Business Consulting

The MindTech Institute provides consulting and coaching services for individuals as well as businesses in Australia and abroad. Our expertise have triumphed in assisting many elite businesses and individuals.

Strategic Planning

The MindTech Institute offers organizational & strategic planning and management consulting services to businesses, organizations, states, local governments and non-profits.

Marketing & Production

The MindTech Institute offers various types of marketing, endorsements and also provides various kinds of media and audio productions services related to marketing and training resources.

Podcast & Release

Check out our podcast and release platforms for the most controversial and interesting topics. We cover health, sciences, social issues, trends, solutions and lots of interviews, open topics, talk-back and webenars.

  • The MindTech Institute is a Registered Training Organization RTO No: 41585 to deliver all its qualifications and courses in Australia and abroad. They offer a wide range of training options with focusing on assisting individuals and businesses who wish to gain valuable knowledge and skills to achieve their best potentials leading to greater improvements and many positive and successful pathways and outcomes.
  • Collaboration is at the heart of every interaction with our students and clients. Working in partnership to understand your key goals or/and business concerns, we identify what you want to achieve and help you to see your personal goals, business or career goals from a new perspective, then offer the right solutions to help you to grow. Our way of working with our students and clients brings flexibility and creativity - qualities that elevate your performance as an individual, employee, business manager and leader. The main objective is to work with you to develop a clear path to reach realistic goals that are important to you and your business.
  • The main key for our release, productions and marketing services is to create incredible engagement that builds brands and drives commerce. You need results and accountability and we need genuine relationships that are prepared to think and move outside the box. Our podcast and other media release programs and shows also welcome endorsements and advertisements as long as they don't contradict our ethics and core messages which is "Everyone deserves success and education regardless of their background".

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Our Mission and Beliefs:

The MindTech Institute is committed to providing the best training and services delivering the latest techniques in their programs for their students, clients and candidates assisting them to achieve the ultimate results in their careers, goals as well as in their lives in general. The MindTech Institute standards are high as they are a selective institute based in Sydney Australia providing successful services nationally and abroad. The MindTech Institute goals are graduating top class students who will become leaders and triumph in their fields. The MindTech Institute’s pride is their successful graduates and clients. The MindTech Institute describes its strength in the cutting edge methods of their training and charismatic institute. The MindTech Institute doesn't settle for anything less than "the best" education & services, and respect to all is their professional signature.

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