What Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training?

Hypnosis Master Practitioner Level Training

This is the Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training level is the last level of hypnosis training. However, you need to complete the Hypnosis Practitioner Training level first (or equivalent) before you enroll in this “Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training Level”.

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Furthermore, at this point after you have done the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Level you’d already know what hypnosis is, how to use it, how to hypnotize successfully as well as the basic hypnosis work which you have learnt during the Hypnosis Practitioner Training level. This level is very advanced where you will learn some amazing hypnosis skills and powerful hypnosis work. This level is the advanced level of hypnosis where all the interesting and useful knowledge is such as regressions, past-life regression, to recover missing memories and time for such cases as abductions and other traumas and many powerful unique techniques such as achieving the coma state.

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Why it’s important to enroll in the Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training?

At this level you will have all the necessary skills to successfully hypnotize and, should you wish, start your own hypnosis practice. If you are already practicing hypnosis you will be able to more effectively apply your existing knowledge as well as all the advanced hypnosis techniques which you will learn at this hypnosis master practitioner level such as regressions, the coma state and many other techniques (all can be found in the hypnosis information guide kit bellow).

The areas of hypnosis application are vast, even if you do not want to get into clinical/medical hypnotherapy (e.g. depression, phobias, pain etc.), there are many other opportunities you may like to focus on such as smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, sports, school, motivation, self-confidence, birth preparation, counselling, or any other daily challenge people may have.

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

If you're wondering about the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and what you will learn during our in-class or online hypnosis training – simply you’ll learn both! Hypnosis is the profession which can be used on the stage (as becoming a stage hypnotist, street hypnotist and/or for shows and performances). On the other hand, Hypnotherapy is the profession that enables you to work with clients as a (therapist) such as for weight loss, quit smoking, psychological traumas, regressions etc.
Our in-class and online hypnosis training allow you to learn and get qualified for both (Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy). This is a great and rare opportunity as The MindTech Institute takes pride in combining both professions in one course!

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The Hypnosis Master Practitioner Level Class Training (Live Training) duration is 2 days

The Hypnosis Master Practitioner Level Online Training: duration is depending on the individual.

This online training contains reading text, images, audio and video demonstrations.


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