Diploma of Counselling CHC51015

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    October 14, 2015

Diploma of Counselling CHC51015

Course description:

Do you have a passion for supporting and listening to others? If you want to make a difference in the community, the Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 certification offers a practical and theoretical foundation for effective counselling that will enable you to work in either an agency or private practice as well as pursuing a career in an industry that supports clients to make positive changes in their lives.

This CHC51015 Diploma of counselling qualification reflects the role of counsellors, who work with clients on personal and psychological issues using established counselling modalities. They use communication, micro-counselling and interviewing skills and draw on varied counselling therapies to assist clients. At this level, the counsellor will be working in defined and supported counselling roles in established agencies rather than in independent practice.

This Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 course online delivers a comprehensive grounding in generic counselling and high level communication skills. Fundamental concepts of human behaviour, combined with practical Counselling skills ensure you understand ethical frameworks, case management practices, Counselling interviews and legal obligations.

As a counsellor you may perform such tasks as:

  • Mediate in conflict resolution sessions
  • Facilitating group sessions
  • Find solutions to mental, lifestyle and emotional problems of your clients
  • Work with other medical practitioners as part of a health management team

After completing this Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 course online, you could pursue career as:

  • Intake Worker
  • Family Advisor
  • Support Worker
  • Family Support Worker
  • Careers Counsellor
  • Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
  • Family and Marriage Counsellor
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Student Counsellor
  • Counsellors
  • Youth Worker
  • School Counselling
  • Pastoral Care
  • Family Support
  • Disability Respite
  • Relationship and conflict resolution
  • Career counselling
  • Addiction counselling clients with addictions
  • Grief and loss counselling
  • Child development and effective parenting
  • Workplace counselling
  • Abuse counselling
  • Family therapy

We also recommend combining Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training or/and Hypnotherapy Training along with the Diploma of Counselling for greater results with your clients. You can contact us for more information about a special counselling package.

This Diploma Is Also Available Through Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)

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