Smarter – Happier – Richer (Workshop)


Smarter – Happier – Richer (Workshop)

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Product Description

Smarter – Happier – Richer (Workshop)

This workshop will walk you through a specific process of HOW to define your success and develop true strategies to actualize your success and create a meaningful future.

Most people nowadays feel stuck and anxious about the future, they really want to do something in their lives but aren’t sure which direction to head and how to start.

The MindTech Institute developed a one day workshop based on social and behavioral science that will give you the actionable tools necessary for becoming unstuck and creating a more meaningful life and future. You will learn clarity techniques to help you ask the right questions, eliminate old ideas that are not working and test new approaches to create your success and a meaningful future.

BOOK NOW and join us and other awesome people just like you. Lots of subjects will be covered during this amazing one day workshop.

Some subjects will be covered during the workshop are:

  • Closely examine what has brought you to where you are today.
  • Effective techniques to help you shift your thinking instead of being part of the society factory.
  • Learn how to focus on your tasks being self-motivated and eliminate procrastination.
  • Learn how to balance your life and work to avoid the imbalance of the money and life complex.
  • Learn how to identify and fix dysfunctional attitudes by understanding values and the root of behavior that might be blocking you and causing you to be stuck.
  • Understand what motivates you and what demotivates you, so you can understand to how to deal with your daily routine and tasks successfully.

And Many More…

NOTE: This is not a motivational fluff talk event! This is as real and scientific as it can get! Techniques are used based on counseling, psychology and social & behavioral science.

BOOK your seat NOW… it’s ONLY $69 (Bring a friend and get the second ticket for FREE!) ONLY if you BOOK NOW – did we mention limited seats available?!


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