Hypnosis Vs hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Vs hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Vs hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are similar – more specifically hypnotherapy is hypnosis but it’s used for therapy work. Hypnosis is the general word for any work that involves hypnotism such as street hypnosis, stage hypnosis or any kind of hypnotism including the therapy part of hypnosis which is “hypnotherapy”.

Hypnosis Vs hypnotherapy

Here at The MindTech Institute you can study hypnosis in two different levels Hypnosis Practitioner and the advanced level which is Hypnosis Master Practitioner. Although, our in-class and online Hypnosis training is called hypnosis training because you’ll learn both hypnosis and hypnotherapy – and that is to become a hypnotherapist as well as a performance hypnotist such as stage and street hypnotist – and surely for personal development purposes.

To enroll now, you can visit www.themindtechinstitute.com – all you have to do is enroll and you can start right away. No need for any prior knowledge or any requirements for this course but some ethics.

Furthermore, hypnotherapy is the therapy part of hypnosis and yes in our online hypnosis training you will learn both and you will get certified with global recognition upon completing the in-class or online hypnosis course and can start a new career as a hypnotist and hypnotherapist once you complete the online hypnosis course or our 5 days in-class hypnosis training.

The word hypnosis derives from the word “Hypnos” which means “Sleep” since most of the hypnosis and hypnotherapy work is basically done by inducing a sleep-like mental state causing the subject (person) to feel asleep. Although, the hypnosis state isn’t as “your normal sleep state”, it’s just a state of physical and mental relaxation where specifically the conscious mind feels relaxed and ready to accept the hypnotist suggestions.

A trained and qualified hypnotist follows certain procedures (inductions) to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind by passing certain suggestions leading the subject’s conscious mind to feel partially or totally relaxed depending on the hypnosis level required for the therapy session or the hypnosis performance show. Thus, the subject would basically accept whatever the hypnotist tells the subject to “willingly” do as long as the hypnotist’s suggestions aren’t negative or offensive to the hypnotized subject or participant.

Certainly there are levels of hypnosis and some levels are very deep varies from light hypnosis to somnambulism (which is most hypnotherapy work is done on) and all the way down to very deep levels including a coma-like state.

Such deep state if often used for therapy work such as certain surgeries, pain relief and other purposes but it isn’t used for performance purposes unless for education purposes.

NOTE: A hypnotized person will NOT do anything during hypnosis if he/she doesn’t want or willing to do – at least in regular hypnosis work or performance. More about that is fully explained in our hypnosis training certification programs.    

Hypnotherapy has many benefits; hypnotherapy can help you and others to get rid of bad or unwanted habits, enhance your ability in preforming tasks, enhance your health and others other personal development purposes including self-confidence and self-empowerment – let alone being in hypnosis is an amazing feeling to experience.

After all, hypnosis is a great skill to learn and If you like to help others with their problems then definitely hypnotherapy can be a very rewarding profession to pursue, and if you like to be in the performance spotlight and fame then hypnosis is the ultimate show package you can put before your audience.

Why to wait longer while the opportunity is open for you right now to enroll in our world-class recognized hypnosis training, and now you can also enroll in our in-class or online hypnosis practitioner and master practitioner bundle package to save money and time. Contact The MindTech Institute now for more information about our latest offers.

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