Does consuming mistreated animals have any negative effect on us?

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. - Mahatma Gandhi

Does consuming mistreated animals have any negative effect on us?

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It is very important to know that mistreated animals have a significant effect on humans when consuming their meat, milk, eggs or any of their products. Usually people assume that meat is just meat. However, meat comes from animals and how we treat these animals and provide for them makes a complete difference to the quality of the products they provide for their consumers .The mistreatment of animals starts all the way from the beginning since the time the animal was born, what the animal was fed, how the animal was fed, where the animals spent their time before the slaughter, the transportation of animals, how the animal was treated in general, the hygiene was provided to the animals, the type of environment was provided to the animal,  how the animal is slaughtered or killed and what follows after that till the meat or the animal product ends up on your plate.

According to the Journal of Animal Science and researchers at the University of Milan’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, fear experienced by the animals during slaughter significantly elevates levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones in the meat. Studies on human consumption of artificial growth hormones, which are believed by many to affect our reproductive systems and other bodily processes, have already resulted in policy changes in many countries, including those that make up the E.U. Attention is now turning to these naturally occurring fear-induced hormones as scientists worry that their consumption causes similar problems. Also, if an animal is not provided with the nutrition and care that is needed to be healthy and naturally grown, don’t expect that animal to provide you with the nutrition you need to be healthy! You can’t give what you don’t have.

Beside the mistreatment of animals and lack of care which lead the animals to depression, the saddest and most disturbing part is the cruelty to those animals. This treatment will cause the animal to be severely depressed and traumatized which will also affect the quality of food that humans get from those animals. There are some really horrible and horrifying clips were shot covertly at some animal farms or better call them warehouses where workers are hitting those poor animals so hard to the point of bleeding, keeping many animals or birds in a very small space where many of them die from suffocation. Animals and birds such as chickens and turkeys are transported in small and dirty cages on top of each other where many of them die on the way and also develop many diseases caused by the poor treatment the animals are provided with.

Do we really expect any nutrition to come from those poorly fed and mistreated animals? If there is one thing we’re getting from them is something negative not positive.

– From the book The Day We Gave Up Health




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