Hospitality Training

We tailor Hospitality and Management Training upon request or depending on the need of the business or corporation

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    October 14, 2015

Hospitality Training

Hospitality Management Training Certification Course Online is available “in-class study” only for businesses, groups of employees, members of a corporation or an organization. And also it’s available to any person at any time on “online study” soon.

Hospitality Training Certification Program

The success of your business heavily relies on your employees proficiency, etiquettes and attitudes.

In today’s world, every guest and visitor shares their rating, experience and feedback on social media platforms for the whole world to see. To get your business to achieve the high score positive feedback rates depending on how you made your guest feel during their visit.

Therefore, The MindTech Institute has designed a very powerful and effective hospitality training certification program to ensure your business to achieve the best positive hospitality rating scores by providing the best hospitality training for your employees. The MindTech Institute’s Hospitality Management Training Certification Program focuses on providing the proper training for all employees from the valet parking to the managers.

At The MindTech Institute’s Hospitality Training Certification Program outcome, participants should be able to:

  • Outline what visitors and guests expect and exceed their expectation simply and effectively.
  • Asses and understand the look and sound of “courtesy” and respond with the right manner to create the “WOW experience“.
  • Demonstrate top communication skills especially when dealing with angry and upset customers.
  • Top and professional customer service.
  • Understanding body language, tone of voice and key words (based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP), this would take your employees’ customer service skills to the next level.
  • Understanding other cultures and what is appropriate and not appropriate for certain crullers.
  • Stress management and how to manage work under stress
  • To stay motivated.
  • Preform site audits.
  • Provide First Aid and CPR (this is only for certain employees). The MindTech Institute’s Hospitality Training Certification Program also includes First Aid and CPR Training with full certification for certain employees who are also participates in this Hospitality Training Certification Program.

The MindTech Institute’s Hospitality Management Training Certification Program is customized to fulfill your business needs. This Hospitality Training Certification Program covers various training subjects such as Costumer Handling and Care, House Keeping, Guest Services Managing, Etiquette, Grooming and Personal Presentation, Communication Skills and other required skills for a perfect hospitality friendly environment.

The MindTech Institute’s Hospitality Training Certification Program participants all will receive a certificate upon completing this hospitality training program.

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NOTE: Diploma in Hospitality Management is Also Available at The MindTech Institute through online study and fast-track classes. Click Here for more information.

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